Thomas Cohn

Robotics Research Intern
CS/Math Undergraduate





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Undergraduate at the University of Michigan, jointly pursuing degrees in Computer Science and Honors Mathematics.

Research intern with The Laboratory for Progress (Perception, RObotics, and Grounded REasoning SystemS), exploring how robots can think, see, and act in common human environments.

Short Biography

Hi! I'm Thomas Cohn. I am originally from Cambridge, Massachusetts, but grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I find it immensely rewarding to solve problems that challenge me, and this has driven my academic interests. I've been passionate about mathematics and computer programming for most of my life, and developed an interest in robotics in high school as a member of FIRST Robotics Team 3322.

Working at The Laboratory for Progress has helped me foster my love of research, and has given me the opportunity to collaborate with an incredible group of people. I've enjoyed combining my technical knowledge to build on the work of others, and find creative solutions to challenging research questions.

Outside of the classroom (and outside of the lab), music is an important part of my life. I play cymbals for the Michigan Marching Band, performing a variety of classical and modern music before crowds of over 110,000 (video playlist). I'm currently the Cymbal Section Rank Leader -- my responsibilities include running rehearsals, training new members, writing show music, and designing visual performances. Besides marching band, I'm a member of the Michigan Hockey Pep Band, and I participate in concert percussion chamber ensembles. I also play piano.

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I have put several of my Javascript projects online. You can access them here: